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Circus artist/Coach/Photographer 

About me

I am a circus performer, circus coach and personal trainer based in South Wales (Swansea). I have twenty years of experience performing all over the world. I am a former Cirque du Soleil artist where I performed in two different shows. I performed a Duo Straps with Bethan Williams in OVO and also performed in ZAIA doing duo and solo straps and a handbalancing act. I have worked in all kinds of productions from big to small, including theatre shows, dinnershows, watershows, weddings and corporate events as well as performing on television and competing at international festivals.

I am an experienced circus coach and love helping artists developing their skills technically and artistically. I enjoy working with creative people, and those wishing to pursue a career in circus, as well as complete beginners and hobbyists.

I am also a photographer, another passion that I learned while performing all over the world. To have a look at my photography work please visit my page

New class starting on the 20th February!

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