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I am a Level 3 Personal trainer, a highly skilled circus coach and movement instructor with expertise in various areas including acrobatics, aerial arts, hand balancing and strength training. With many years of experience, I have successfully guided people of all levels, from beginners to experienced acrobats, on their performance career or fitness journey.

Using my extensive knowledge, I guide students through a well-structured series of exercises that help them build not only their skills but also their physical strength through effective training. A key aspect of my approach is teaching proper technique and methods to prevent injuries. This ensures that my students not only excel in their chosen activities but also stay healthy in the long run.

My teaching style combines group sessions and one-on-one training, allowing me to create a learning environment that suits each student's needs. As a movement coach and personal trainer, my goal goes beyond just improving skills – I aim to foster overall growth and empowerment.

It's worth noting that I work with individuals who are interested in acrobatics and performance, as well as those who simply want to enhance their overall physical fitness. Whether you're pursuing aerial, acrobatics or aiming for better fitness, I am dedicated to helping individuals reach their fullest potential.

What I do

  • ​​Personal Training:  Get personalized fitness guidance in one-on-one or small group sessions.

  • Handstands: Learn handstands, whether you're a beginner or looking to improve.

  • Aerial Strength Training: Elevate your aerial skills with strength training designed for performers.

  • Calisthenics: Experience bodyweight training. From basics to advanced, build functional strength and control.

  • Act creation: Craft captivating performances through movement, choreography, and storytelling.

  • Tailored Training Programs: Experience the benefits of structured and effective training programs crafted to align with your unique goals. Whether you're targeting weight loss, muscle gain  or improved athleticism.

  • Mobility and Flexibility

  • Movement: Explore mobility, soft acrobatics, contemporary dance, flexibility, locomotion, coordination and more


Teaching Handstands
at The Swansea Wellbeing Centre.


Teaching Movement class at Circus Eruption.

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