Martin Alvez was born in São Paulo, Brazil.
At 7 years old in the City of Curitiba, was invited to practice artistic gymnastics.  Since the beginning he participated of championships and presentations.
At 14 years old he moved with his family to Buenos Aires (Argentina); there trained at the Club Ciudad de Buenos Aires and at the “CENARD” (Centro Nacional De Alto Rendimiento Deportivo) National Center of High Income Sports. He was coached by the renowned russian Vladimir Makarian (selected from the Soviet team in the Olympiads of Seoul 88) and other coaches like Oscar Coso, Julio Grafho and Miguel Palmeiro.
In 1999 decided to stop the training of Artistic Gymnastics and start in other modality of gymnastics, the Sports Aerobics Competition, that he was Argentinean National Champion. He was trained by Alexander Pozdniakov, Bi-world champion of acrobatic gymnastics. While he was training Alexander invited him to practice some exercises of acrobatic gymnastics, and then one day they had the opportunity to work in some corporate events with one Circus School; so that was the first time that Martin had his first direct contact with Circus art.
In 2001 Martin went back to Brazil. Met the Circo Vox and started to dedicate himself only to the Circus Art and with them really started to work with Circus.
He specialized in the technique of aerial straps and hand to hand and also practiced other techniques. Worked in shows, corporate events, advertisings and TV programs.
In 2004 he made a trip to Canada to train hand to hand with Alexander for a period of 3 months.  There made an audition for the Cirque du Soleil, and was considered a potential artist for the company.

After his trip to Canada worked at the Circus Academia Brasileira de Circo doing his aerial straps act and hand to hand act. At the same time was teaching at the Galpão do Circo (Circus School), and doing a show at the Tantra Restaurant.
In 2006 did an audition for the Circo Roda Brasil, passed and started to work with them traveling around Brazil doing his aerial straps act, hand to hand, trampoline with cradle, cube manipulation, choreographies and etc.
In 2007 got a contract to work in a Spiegel Tent in South Africa, at the Dinner Theater Madame Zingara to do his straps act and handstands. When he was there Martin called Ivan Silva his hand to hand partner to work with him. So also got to do his hand to hand over there.
In South Africa after finishing his contract with Madame Zingara, met Bryan Mynhardt fromHardtyme Productions and started to work with him doing some corporates and shows at the Emperors Palace Casino and at the Gold Reef Theme Park.
In 2009 got a contract to work with Cirque du Soleil, for the show ZAIA in Macau China to perform Aerial Straps and after Hand Balancing too...